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Inside Every Lawyer Is The Wreck Of A Poet

I am the woman formerly known as Yrgoddess. Like most of my friends (who are few, but all wonderful), I lead two lives.

In one life, I am an attorney, specializing in criminal appeals and writs. Appellate lawyers, it is said, are the dirty bastards who stroll onto the battlefield after the cannons fall silent, stepping over the piles of mangled corpses and chewed-up fallen trees, splashing through the red-tinged pond water, to shoot the wounded. But criminal appellate lawyers, I’ve found, are actually the dirty bastards who scuttle onto the battlefield after it’s all over and try to resurrect the dead.

Usually with no success. In my three-year career, I’ve handled maybe forty cases and won three, which is statistically a hair above average. It’s fulfilling, nonetheless, to fight for every man’s right to a fair trial and due process of law when accused. It’s also pleasant to be my own boss, set my own hours, work in a home office in my pajamas, and go to court once or twice a year. My colleagues in the California Appellate Defense Counsel (the closest thing we have to a union) put me to shame with their skill, compassion, courage, and strange resemblance to pitbulls in court.

My politics are unabashedly liberal, but my support is available to any person who demonstrates empathy, common sense, integrity and an ability to learn from his or her mistakes. Those qualities are so rare among this country's politicians, who are mostly living proof that scum floats to the top, that I won’t restrict myself to looking for them in only one party. That’s why, for example, I’m voting for the Governator in November 2006, even while praying that Bush and his disgusting cronies all die of a horrible and virulent plague that mysteriously spares everyone else, especially Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. An FYI for conservative or Republican or highly religious readers: sooner or later I WILL write something here that offends you.

I’m happily married to a man I trust and respect and can depend on, which adds up to the best kind of love. Our daughter is pure light and love encased in rambunctious and slightly grubby four-year-old form. My favorite word is “Mommy.” My other favorite things you will no doubt learn next time I do a meme.

I pay my taxes. I try to offset that sin by contributing to organizations that work to undo the damage that the government does with my tax money. To the best of my recollection, I don’t break any laws.

And in my other life, I write science fiction and RPGs. Sometimes it is published.

One of these lives has a future…